The Bible-less Christian (guest blog)

Nicole Cottrell from Modern Reject wrote a great blog called The Bible-less Christian.  It’s a great thought-provoking post. Bible I find too many Christians worship the Bible and put it on the same level as the Trinity.  Now please don’t shoot me for what I just said.  I love the Bible.  For years I read the Bible trying to figure out what God wanted and how to become a better Christian.  I have discovered that the Bible is meant to point me to Jesus.  Every book of the Bible is to point me to Jesus.  It’s all about Jesus.  I worship Jesus, not the Bible.  I use the Bible to teach me about Jesus.

The point that Nicole makes is this….what if we didn’t have the Bible?  Read it and give it some thought.


My father-in-law loves the Bible. He loves reading, discussing, and sharing the words of God. Whenever I have some crazy, far-out-there, seemingly unanswerable theological question, I go to him. His eyes light up as soon as I pose my query  and he immediatly reaches for his Bible.

He pats the couch spot next to him, inviting me to come sit, so that we can read and discover together what the Lord has to say. I cherish these moments.    (Read the whole post)

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