3 Reasons Why I Can’t Support Kim Davis

Most have already heard about County Clerk Kim Davis and her refusal to issue marriage licenses based upon her religious convictions.  She is now sitting in a jail cell for refusing to comply with court orders.  While I do applaud her convictions, and I do agree, that according to the Bible, same-sex marriages is not what God intended for humanity, I cannot stand behind the way she has handled this situation.

You have Christians all over America claiming that she is being persecuted for her faith.  It really irks me that anytime someone disagrees with a Christian immediately we want to start yelling, “Christian persecution.”  In America we really don’t know what it’s like to be persecuted for our faith.

We have had religious freedom in America since its inception.  But it’s been a freedom to mainly celebrate the Christian faith.  American Christians are so afraid of Muslim Sharia law, and we should be.  However, that is their religion.  If we are going to say that everyone is free to practice their religion should they not be as free as well?  Yet, we protest in places where mosques are going to be built.  Some Christians have said that we need to get all the Muslims out of America.

So are we really into religious freedom or just freedom for Christians?

We are afraid of Sharia law because it is religious law, but isn’t that what non-Christians are afraid we are going to do to them?  Are they afraid we are going to make Christianity the law of the land?  For the record, I don’t want Sharia Law in America because I don’t want to be ruled by their law.  So, should I get mad and upset when they don’t want to be ruled by “Christian law”?

It wouldn’t work even if we did.  When the Church and the State became one after Constantine’s conversion, things got really bad for people.  If you look into the history of the Reformation you will see that many people were put to death by Christians for not following the laws of the Church.  Christians were killing other Christians all in the name of the Lord.

So with all that in my mind, here are my three reasons why I cannot support Kim Davis in her stand against the government.

1. She is not being persecuted for her faith.

The rallying cry of many Christians right now is that she is being persecuted for her stand as a Christian.  I don’t believe that she is.  No one is telling her that she can’t be a Christian.  No one is telling her that she can’t believe that same-sex marriage is wrong.  No one is telling her that she can’t speak out against same-sex marriage.  No one is stopping her from being a Christian.

What she is being told is that as an employee of a government that is not Christian, she has to faithfully fulfill the duties of that office, which now includes issuing licenses to same-sex couples.  She doesn’t have to agree with it and she doesn’t have to like it. However, as an employee of said government she has to do it or face the penalties for disobedience.

And no, I don’t agree that this is a civil disobedience issue either.

2.  If you cannot faithfully fulfill the office for which you have been elected, resign.

Since she has moral objections to the duties of her job, she should simply resign.  I know that many of my brothers and sisters in Christ would say, “No, she must stand her ground.  We must fight against the government.”  I would ask you, please show me where Jesus or any of the New Testament authors taught that?

I am not saying that we should not actively seek to turn America around and get her back on some moral high ground.  I agree that the morality in this nation has sunk to an all-time low.  But I don’t believe this is the way to go about it.  I don’t see the first century Church protesting Rome.

Even though they didn’t protest the Roman government, they did make cultural changes by living out their sincere faith.  They honored their government and prayed sincerely for their government as instructed by the apostle Paul.

This has not been a peaceful issue.  This has led to protests outside the halls of justice.  Even though there have not been fights in the streets, some of the “Christian” protesters have not been loving with their protest signs and actions.

Point being . . . if you cannot, in good conscience, do your job then resign.  If a stripper gets saved and cannot continue stripping in good conscious, does she need to expect her employer to change her job?  Or, would she be better suited to find another job?

3. Her stand is somewhat hypocritical.

I will give Kim Davis some honor in that she shut down issuing any marriage licenses.  At least that was the fair thing to do.  However, let’s look at previous marriage licenses before the Supreme Court ruling.  Did she question every single person getting a license?  If her stand is a biblical one, then, in my opinion, she could not faithfully have issued a license to a divorcee, unless they had biblical grounds for their divorce.  She could not have granted a license to interfaith couples.  She could not have granted a license to a co-habiting couple.  She could not have granted a license to two atheists because atheists don’t even believe in God and marriage is God-given gift to humanity.

My point is where do we draw the line?  Again, I don’t agree with same-sex marriages. In my faith and understanding of God and the Bible, it is not His design or intention for that to be.  However, I also believe that we have far too many divorces in America and that’s not God’s design either.  So, if we are going to start drawing a line is it going to be at same-sex marriage, while we overlook the second, third, fourth or even fifth marriage of someone else?

Are we going to overlook people who live together and desire to get a license because living together is a sin as well?  Are we going to deny Muslims (or any other religion) a marriage license because they are not going to have a Christian marriage?  What about people who aren’t even going to have a Christian minister marry them?  Are they going to be denied one?

As much as I hate to admit it, Christians can be very hypocritical in our thinking.

It’s been discovered that Kim Davis is on her fourth marriage.  I do understand that her first three marriages occurred before she became a Christian.  People outside of the Christian faith are not going to see it that way.  They are going to see it as a hypocritical issue on her part.  Christians cannot use the argument, “well that was before she came to Christ.”  Again, the world will not see that.  If you are going to claim a moral high ground, then you have to first have the moral high ground to claim.  I am not slamming Kim Davis on this issue.  I am glad that she found the grace of Jesus for her sins.  I just know that the world will not see that grace . . . they will see hypocrisy.

Lastly, what if this was a Muslim refusing to issue a license to a Christian?  We would be up in arms over that crying religious discrimination.  What if this was an atheist denying a Christian?  Again, persecution flags would be flying.

I do honor Kim Davis’ faith, convictions and her conscious.  I stand with her in agreement that same-sex marriage is wrong.  However, I cannot stand by her as a government employee refusing to do her job.  I say she should resign or have someone else issue the license.   I am glad that I am not in her shoes, and someday I may find myself there.

What do you think about this situation?


2 Comments On “3 Reasons Why I Can’t Support Kim Davis”

  1. Harvest of Faith Church

    Well said. Sadly most are concerned about being right. We know there is only one way to be right and most of the church still do not recognize righteousness in dailey life as coming through Christ. So we are tempted to take sides in order to feel right. I hurt for Kim that she is placed in such a position as so many are in maintaining their rightness and missing Life.

    • I agree that many Christians are more concerned with being right than with being loving. I also hurt for Kim and I honor her convictions. It simply makes me sad to see the Church turn this into a religious persecution/war. What if she had been Muslim? I wonder if Christians would have her back then.

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