8 Ministers Who Have Helped Shape My Spiritual Journey

Having been a Christian for over 30 years now and being in ministry for over 20 years I have heard my fair share of sermons.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot to really impress me these days when it comes to communicators.  There are some great communicators out there.  But there are some really bad ones as well.

 I grew up in small churches within small communities.  The main pastor I had growing up,
Photo Credit: Lawrence OP via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Lawrence OP via Compfight cc

Wayne Combs, was a great pastor and a great preacher.  I heard a lot of really enthusiastic preachers growing up but looking back I realize that they said a lot without really saying anything at all.  I have done that myself at times.

 As part of a blogging course I am currently taking to improve my blogging skills, I was asked to write a list blog.  To be honest, I struggled with what to write, rather list, about.  But then I thought about ministers that I really enjoy listening to.  Several of these guys I listen to every single week as they challenge my thinking, communicate the Gospel in a way that seems most Kingdom-minded to me, and have a way of presenting the Good News in a way that is easy for everyone to grasp.  Mind you, some of these guys tackle the hot topics of today but do so with such love and compassion.
Without further adieu, here are some ministers that I think every Christian should give a listen to.  These are the ones that I am listening to most regularly at this point in my life.
  • Greg Boyd:  Greg is based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  He is a theologian and scholar.  He is smart, articulate and has a way of being in the Charismatic stream without all the crazy, hooky stuff that sometimes goes along with that stream.  He is very kingdom-minded.  He probably has one of the most balanced kingdom messages of anyone I know today.
  • Bruxy Cavey:  Bruxy is a very down-to-earth communicator.  He pastors one of the largest churches in Canada, doesn’t look like a mega-church pastor and exudes humility like no one I know.  And he’s highly educated with a knack for breaking down complex theological issues so that any one can understand them. He’s funny, engaging and one can tell that he really loves Jesus.
  • Brian Zahnd:  Brian is a pastor from St. Joseph, MO.  He is a thinker, scholar, brilliant writer and poet, not to mention a die-hard music lover.  His sermons are deep but yet followable.  Unlink most people who come from a charismatic/Pentecostal background, Brian believes in learning from church history, weaving the past into our present.  He’s somewhat of a modern day mystic.  He believes in the mystery of God and it’s quite compelling.
  • Jonathan Martin:  Jonathan is not pastoring right now but I listened to his podcasts every week when he pastored Renovatus Church in Charlotte, NC.  A third-generation hillbilly Pentecostal (as he describes himself), Jonathan is a brilliant thinker and communicator that believes in the dance and shout of expression but also holds tothe deep, rich church liturgy that has brought us to where we are today.  He is a great mix of an old soul in a modern, young minister.
  • Stephen Crosby:  Stephen is more of an author these days writing books and blog posts but his works are incredible.  He takes on the misdirection of the modern church (especially the charismatic, apostolic/prophetic tribe) with great compassion yet hard-hitting truth of a prophet.  He is certainly a voice to listen to.
  • John Sheasby:  John is on a mission to restore the picture of God as a Father to His children in these times.  He preaches on the New Covenant and God’s amazing grace.  With a deep understanding of grace he is a very fatherly voice to the body of Christ today.
  • Anthony Chapman: Anthony is a British pastor with a keen way of thinking through complex issues.  He is an exceptionally clever wordsmith that is not afraid to challenge the status quo and see things through kingdom eyes.  A brilliant thinker and communicator, Anthony has challenged me in my thinking for many, many years now.
  • Harold Eberle:  Harold is an author and minister who has written numerous books, established Bible colleges in Africa and the Middle East.  His heart is to win 20 million Muslims to Christ.  He is a thinker and excellent teacher.  He has challenged me numerous times over the last 15 years.
This list is certainly not exhaustive as I could list a few more ministers that really impress me when it comes to their communicative style, thought process and impact on the body of Christ.  While most of these guys are not famous, they are certainly voices that need to be heard.  I encourage you to check them out and give them a listen.  You certainly will not agree with everything they say, but they will challenge you to go deeper in your thinking and understanding of the Kingdom of God.
Question:  who would you list as being some of the most influential speakers that helped you on your journey in Christ?


2 Comments On “8 Ministers Who Have Helped Shape My Spiritual Journey”

  1. John

    Good article Michael. Mine would be The RIM 5 guys, Alan Hewitt, Warwick Shenton, and I guess a host of others too many to mention.

  2. Hey John, The RIM 5 all are excellent speakers. I guess I should have stated that those listed are the ones that are currently shaping my journey because I listen to them weekly. I wish I would have had a chance to have gotten to know Warwick better. I only had the opportunity to be around him a couple of times. Great man!

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