Abundant Grace

Sometimes we have bought into the lie that says that God is holding back and that God is stingy.  God is not stingy.  God isn’t holding back from his children.   God told Adam and Eve not to eat from one tree in the Garden of Eden.  We seem to focus all of our attention on that one tree.  However, God told them that they were free to eat from every tree in the garden.  There could have been thousands of tree that they could eat from.  He gave them an abundance.  He’s given us an abundance.

We will see from the following passage of scripture that God is into pouring out abundance.grace quote

And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all.  (Acts 4:33)

God was definitely doing a new thing among the Jews.  He was signifying this with signs and wonders from the hands of the apostles.  As they all shared the great news of Jesus’ resurrection thousands were coming to salvation.  God was pouring out abundant grace upon them all.

We need to ask and believe for abundant grace.  Most of the time our prayers are too small.  I know that mine are.  We get to speak to the God of the universe.  We get the honor of asking the Almighty to use us in partnership with what He is doing in the earth.

At times, I wonder if we aren’t actually insulting God because we dare to believe for too little.  I’m not talking about bigger homes and cars.  I am talking about seeing people’s lives touched, changed and restored.  What would our cities look like if God poured out abundant grace upon all the people who lived there?

It’s time to step deeper into the waters of grace.  Can we begin to believe that God wants to change cities?  Can we start asking God for abundant grace?  He wants to do it more than we are willing to ask.

I want to walk and live in God’s abundant grace.  I want to see people around me experience that abundant grace.  I know that from the above passage that He’s willing to do it.  Maybe He is just looking for some people willing to believe for it.

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  1. Michael, I love this. Especially the part about cities being changed by God’s abundant grace. Not so much on the city but the people in the city. Shifts some things for me.
    This blog is such a blessing. And you are the blessing! Thanks

  2. Thank you Ruthie. You are always so encouraging.

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