Hi there!  My name is Michael.  I am a pastor, writer and blogger.

I am a husband to my beautiful wife, Amanda.  I am a father to Bailey, Lily, Toby, Ashton and Eli. I have been a pastor for most of my adult life.  It’s what I love to do!  I am also a writer so I have this blog.

My blog is focused on mostly Biblical themes and theology.  My mission is to help people on DSC_0298their spiritual journey to become more appropriately human by following the teachings of Jesus.  As a result, I write on theological ideas, practical Christian living, an occasional book review, current topics and their relationship with Biblical ideals.  Sometimes I even end up sacrificing a sacred cow or two.

I love to challenge people’s thinking, because I love to have my thinking challenged.  I believe that far too many Christians do not know why they believe what they believe because they have not thought things through.

I value friendly dialogue, conversation and debate.

My goal is to create meaningful content to help you on your spiritual journey, wherever you may be on that journey.  My goal is to create conversation.

I will endeavor to post at least once a week.  So that you don’t miss a post you can subscribe by email (and you’ll get a free book for signing up)!  Just fill out the information on the sidebar.

A little more information about me…..

My story really starts with my parent’s divorce.  It was because of their breakup that I started going to church with my grandmother.  I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 12 and felt God calling me to become a pastor at the age of 13.  During my teen years, I was studying and did all I could to learn about the ministry, preaching and theology.


At the age of 20, I got my first ministry job as the Associate Pastor of a small church in Ohio.  From those humble beginnings, I have served churches in Kentucky and Tennessee.  I have done just about everything in church.  I have worked in Children’s Ministry, Sunday School, Youth Ministry, Television Ministry, Adminstrative Pastor, Associate Pastor and Lead Pastor.

I love networking Pastors together and seeing unity within the body of Christ.  I love teaching, writing and creating materials for people to grow in their spiritual journey.  I love having conversations where ideas are talked through, debated and explored.

On a more personal note, I love teaching on God’s grace because most of my life I have lived on a treadmill of performance.  I have tried by my works and actions to gain God’s love, get his attention and prove how spiritual I was.  Through some tragic events in my life, including a divorce, God has taken me on a journey of discovery!  I am discovering who I really am, who He really is and how much He loves me.

I’ve been down roads that I never thought I would have had to go down.  Yet, it is in these places that I have found God’s grace, mercy, and His understanding.

I am discovering how to be more appropriately human as I follow Jesus.

This blog is a very important part of that journey as I flesh out some of the things I discover along the way.