Becoming More Appropriately Human

Jesus wants us to become more appropriately human.  Some may wonder what that means.  It simply means that we allow Jesus to redeem us to be what we were created to be – humans made in the image of God, who reflect God’s nature in their actions and love towards one another.  Notice that when God created Adam and Eve (Gen. 2), they were naked and not ashamed.  There was nothing to cover up and nothing to hide.  However, the moment they rebelled against God they covered up their nakedness and they began to cast blame (in other words, they became selfish).  Adam blamed both God and Eve for his partaking of the forbidden fruit.  Eve blamed the serpent.  Adam and Eve were now afraid of God rather than realizing His love for them and His desire to be with them.  Sin causes us to think about ourselves and to blame others for our issues. 

Notice today how most people blame others for their issues.  We blame our parents for the way they raised us.  We blame the government for not doing their job.  We blame others for our inability to get ahead.  We are always seeking someone to take the fault for our behavior and our selfishness.  This isn’t the way that God created us to be because God is not this way.  When Jesus lived, He showed us how the Father really was.  Jesus was constantly serving other people.  He was constantly giving of Himself to others.  Every time He dealt with people He dealt with them in love, compassion and respect.  Even when He rebuked the religious leaders of His day, He did so out of love and concern.  When He was being put to death by people who hated Him, He offered forgiveness, not retaliation.  This is what it means to be human.  This is what God wants us to be as humans. 

As humans, God wants us to love and serve others.  He wants us to treat them with respect and dignity because everyone is created in His image and likeness.  When we hurt others, when we despise them and condemn them, we treat God with contempt because people are made in His image and likeness.  It’s inhumane to treat other humans with contempt and disdain.

God created us to submit to one another.  In the beginning God didn’t intend on one person having the rule over another.  This was part of the curse.  Jesus came to redeem us from that curse and wants us to submit to one another out of love for them.  In the world’s system (the pattern of the world) we are taught to use people to get what we want.  We are taught to look out for number one (ourselves).  We are taught to get people before they get us.  This is not the way of God. This is not being appropriately human.

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