Stop in the Name of the Law

I am a man that likes rules.  It’s just my personality.  I am a person who likes organization and order.  I like to know what my parameters are.  Now that doesn’t mean that I always obey the rules but I like rules. To me it makes life easier.  But rules have their problems.  Mostly that

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The Ice Cube Principle

All of us have potential.  At times I will examine myself to make sure that I am living up to my fullest potential.  Many times I come to the realization that I am not.  My main reason is simple:  laziness.  To operate at my fullest potential requires effort and hard work.  Sometimes I just settle

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Don’t be sorry…..Change!

In the American church world today, I find so many people being sorry but where are the people who are changing? I know, and believe, that most are sorry for their sins and wrong actions but God wants us to move beyond being sorry to the point of change! Being sorry should move us to

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