How to Quit Being An Enemy to Yourself

I am my own worst enemy!  I can defeat myself faster than a speeding bullet.  I can tear myself down quicker than a wrecking ball.  I can condemn myself better than anyone.  Yes, I am my own worst enemy. But I can also be my greatest ally.  It is all in the way that I

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Walls Around My Heart

Over the years, I have built up walls around my heart. Because of things I have gone through in the past — hurts, rejections, disappointments — I have built these ramparts to protect myself. A lot of us have walls up to protect us from getting hurt. We somehow think that if we isolate our

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Are You Being You?

Be yourself!  That’s something that we’ve heard all of our lives.  Yet, so many people, myself included, do not really live as themselves.  We live in such a competitive society where we are always comparing ourselves with others, which tends to cause us to not be comfortable with who we really are. I am not

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