Make America Great Again….the Jesus Way

Make America great again. That’s the statement that got Donald Trump elected by so many Evangelical Christians.  But what does that statement really mean?  Who defines what makes America great?  Coming from a conservative, Evangelical background I understand what that particular part of the Church means by making America great but is it really a

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The Politically Divided American Church

I do not believe that I have ever seen an election that has the American Church as divided as this present election does.  I thought the last two elections with President Obama were very divisive but I do believe that this one really tops them all. There are many people who can’t believe that we

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Politics At Jesus’ Table

Jesus made room at his table for everyone, including those on opposite ends of thought.  At Jesus’ table, everyone has a place and everyone is equal.  I can imagine that the discussions that went on among his disciples were pretty lively at times, especially between two of them — Matthew, the tax collector and Simon,

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