Don’t be sorry…..Change!

In the American church world today, I find so many people being sorry but where are the people who are changing? changeI know, and believe, that most are sorry for their sins and wrong actions but God wants us to move beyond being sorry to the point of change! Being sorry should move us to change but sadly many times it doesn’t. Being sorry is a fleeting thing. Sometimes we are sorry in the moment of emotion but as time goes on we no longer feel sorry and we don’t change! Being sorry is an emotional response to an action we’ve done.  Change, however, requires action on our part.  It requires that we change our thinking in order to change our behavior.

I have spoken to people that say they are sorry for the things they have done in their lives . . . . however, I don’t see them change their lives. Life is all about changing for the better. We correct our children because we want them to change their behavior. We discipline and train them when they do wrong things because we want them to change. Sure, I want my children to express regret and sorrow when they make a mistake. But more importantly I want them to change so that they don’t make the same mistake again.

Why is change so hard for us? It’s much easier to just say we are sorry for sure. I guess change is hard because it requires work from us. It requires that we actually have to take responsibility for our own lives, change our thought processes, admit we are wrong and actually work at changing our lives. God forbid that we actually become responsible for our own selves.

I have preached and have heard numerous sermons on repenting of our sins and turning our lives over to God. That’s what everyone needs to do, I believe. But repenting is not just saying we are sorry . . . it is changing our mindsets. It involves change. If more Christians would truly allow God to change their lives then I personally believe that we could show the world how great Jesus really is and they would want what we profess we have.

But then again, it’s easier to just be sorry than to change.

Do you find it hard to change?

2 Comments On “Don’t be sorry…..Change!”

  1. John Marsden

    Hi Michael, another good article to which I heartily concur. I have mentioned below the 5 stages of saying sorry which include change!
    5 Stages of an Apology.

    1.  Express regret….. I am sorry

    2.  Accept responsibility …… I was wrong

    3.  Making restitution……..What can I do to make it right

    4. Genuine Repentance…..I will try not to do it again. CHANGE!!!

    5. Request Forgiveness…. Will you please forgive me?

    Great stuff as always.

    • John, the problem that I see with most people is that they stick with number 1, they express regret but they won’t take responsibility. I know that I have done that more times than I wish to admit. I also get hung up on number 3 at times because it’s humbling but needed.

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