Every Christian should read this book.

I Am a Follower by Leonard Sweet is a book that tackles the thorny issue of leadership with the Church.  For decades now, we have had conferences, books and seminars on how to build better leadership within the Church.  We do need leadership but the Church cannot borrow it’s leadership sylte from the world, which is what we have done.  The Kingdom of God is about the great reversal.  In the Kingdom of God, leaders are to be servants.  They are to be the least among the brethren.  However, in our society, leadership has become a status symbol, one with lots of perks.  Leonard Sweet calls us back to the primal understanding of really being a leader….by becoming a follower.  We need leaders who will imitate Christ and point others to Christ.   Throughout the book, Leonard challenges all believers to learn to be great followers of Jesus.  Often referring back to the apostle Paul’s challenge to believers to follow him as he follows Christ, he issues the challenge to follow Christ in such a way that others can follow us as an example.  Being in full-time ministry now for 20 years as a “leader” I was greatly impacted by this book.  It caused me to take a new, fresh look at how I lead others.  The whole premise is the call of Jesus to “follow Me.”  I cringe at some of the leadership movements within the body of Christ today.  It saddens me the way that we have almost deified pastors and ministry leaders.  If they would read and take to heart Leonard’s message then true change could occur and the body of Christ could continue on it’s maturity process.

I Am A Follower moves readers:
–from leaders that are over to followers that are among
–from sages and gurus to scouts and guides
–from Saul’s armor to David’s sling
–from having the right answers to asking the right questions
–from architects to gardeners
I recommend every Christian to read this book.  I would highly recommend that all pastors require their staff to read this book and to do an indepth discussion on it.  Follow me as I follow Christ …. I am a follower!
I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in return for my honest review.

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