Everyone Has The Same Purpose

What is my purpose?  Why do I exist?  Is there any meaning to my life at all?

These are real questions that people ask every day.  Some seem to know their purpose and some don’t.  Some go through life with great intentions, while others just seem to drift by with no real direction or goal.  It’s an important question that must be answered.

Ask any personal coach, pastor, counselor, leadership guru about life’s purpose and you will get a myriad of answers.  I want to propose that every single human being that is alive now, has ever lived or will ever live has the same purpose.  I will tell you what I believe it is in a moment.

Where does purpose come from?  For me, in my belief system, purpose comes from my creator.  I believe that the maker of something determines it’s original purpose.  Now when an inventor creates something, he creates it with a specific purpose in mind.  Consumers of this invention may not use it for it’s intended purposes, and they may find that it works for other things, however, the original intent is always determined by the creator.

I believe in God and in His Son Jesus.  I believe that He created the world, created humans and assigned them purpose from the very beginning of creation.  He had intent when he created people and this planet.  You may not believe that, and that is your God-given freedom, to do so.  But I believe it.

With that in mind, as I said earlier, the creator of a thing determines it’s intent and purpose.  I believe that God sets our intent.  So, now the question becomes what was his intent?

If you ask people what God wants from them, you will get a multitude of answers.  Many believe that he wants obedience.  Others would say that he wants you to become a Christian.  Still, others would claim that he wants you to serve him.

I propose to you that the original intent of God creating humanity was that he wanted children….sons and daughters.  I believe that God wanted to be a father to humanity.  That was his intention of creating people…to have sons and daughters.

Now, the purpose of having children is simple….to just love them.  Parents have children because they want to share the love between them and create new human life in their offspring.  This is the ideal way of having children, although it doesn’t always happen this way.  Yet, even when conditions are not ideal, something happens to the parents, especially the mother, when they find out they are pregnant.

I would like to ask this question for thought:  when does a baby become loved?  Is it when it is born or the moment the parents find out they are pregnant.  Again, this will vary from person to person but usually, it is when the parents find out they are pregnant.  Before they ever meet the baby, before they even see the baby, before they ever feel the baby move in the womb, they have fallen in love with that baby.

Once the baby is born, the love only deepens.  No matter how many sleepless nights the child causes, no matter how many dirty diapers and how much it costs them, the parents simply love the child.

What did the child do to earn the love?  Nothing.

Could the parents stop loving the child?  Not if they are real parents.

What about all the pain and discomfort the child causes?  It doesn’t matter because of the love.

That baby needs his/her parents and they are going to be there for them.  What is the baby’s purpose?  To be loved.  There’s no other purpose for that baby’s existence than to be loved by his parents.

This is my proposal:  that every human being, no matter when they lived or will live, has the same purpose and that is to be loved.

You were born to be loved.

You were born to be loved by God as his child.

You were born to be the object of His affection and care.

God’s primary purpose for your existence isn’t obedience.  He is looking for you to receive his love.  He is looking for you to receive that love and then to love him back.  The objective of loving someone is hoping that they will love you back.  Even if they don’t, you can still love them.  Loving someone isn’t based on them loving you.  It’s based on your care and concern for them.

TO BE LOVED!  That is your purpose.  Nothing more, nothing less.

(Photo used in the blog title by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)

3 Comments On “Everyone Has The Same Purpose”

  1. Great piece Michael!

  2. John Marsden

    To be loved..love it!

  3. Diane

    That makes it pretty simple doesn’t it. Why do people think it’s so hard? I love you Jesus thank you for loving me back! Amen.

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