Framed By Your Past

Framed by

One of the most profound things that I have learned as of late is the fact that my life, as well as yours, has been framed by the things that we have said in the past. In other words, our present has been framed by our past. The things that we have said about ourselves, or the things that others have said about us that we have believed, has caused us to become the very people that we are today. This is a powerful observation.

Think back over the last week or month concerning the things that you have spoken about yourself and your life.

Have you spoken positive things or negative things? Have you been positive and constructive with yourself or have you condemned or criticized yourself?

You become what you speak.

You speak what you believe.

What you believe about yourself and your circumstances will inevitably come out of your mouth. You frame your existence by what you say about yourself. For example, do you constantly say that you are broke, or sick, or tired? Do you constantly tell yourself how overweight you are, how much you hate the way your look or something else that is not uplifting to yourself?

You speak what you believe.

We must begin to speak positive things about ourselves, first and foremost, because that is what God says about us. God believes the best about us and has great plans for our lives. We must begin to believe that. Jesus loved you so much that He died for you. You have worth to Him and you certainly matter.

If God believes that much in you then you should believe in yourself.

I once remember a pastor telling me that he was being critical of someone else and the Lord spoke to him about this. God told him “to never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever put down someone that He laid down His life for.” Wow! What a humbling thought.

Therefore, if I, or you, are not supposed to put someone else down because they matter to God, then why would we put ourselves down? We matter. Speak positive things about yourself.

Since we are framed by our past, and today will become tomorrow’s past, speak the right things today in order to frame a better future.

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