God is not Boastful

ImageAs a follower of Jesus I have listened to a lot of sermons, read a lot of books and articles.  I have heard so many different ideas about the nature and character of God.  Some have been right on and line up with the life of Jesus.  Others are gross misunderstandings of the nature of our gracious and merciful Heavenly Father.

 Many times throughout history God has been misunderstood to be an egotistical God that is self-centered and boastful.  We must remember that God is just like Jesus and has always been like Jesus.  To gain a proper understanding of God the Father we must look at Jesus.  Nowhere in the Gospels do we ever see Jesus acting in a boastful way.  Because of that, we can clearly understand that God is not boastful.

Staying in line with our previous posts, we are looking at the fact that God is love.  And 1 Corinthians 13 gives us the truest definition of love.  So, we can insert the word God in every place the word love is used.  In this way, we get a true and clear picture of the nature of God.

God is love – 1 John 4:7

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 as follows:

4 God is patient, God is kind and God is not jealous; God does not brag (boast) and God is not arrogant, 5 God does not act unbecomingly; God it does not seek His own, God is not provoked, God does not take into account a wrong suffered, 6 God does not rejoice in unrighteousness, God rejoices with the truth; 7 God bears all things, God believes all things, God hopes all things, God endures all things.  8 God never fails.

Boasting or bragging is anti-relationship.  It always seeks to lift up the one doing the boasting while putting down the listeners.  The one boasting feels a need to “one-up” those he is talking to.  No one likes to be around a braggart.  No one likes to be around someone who boasts constantly.  We tend to stay away from those type folks.  Yet, unfortunately, some believe that God is a boaster because He seeks people to tell Him how great He is. God is relational and is always seeking relationship.  He isn’t looking to “one-up” people (although He could).  He is always looking to lift people up.

God doesn’t have a low self-esteem, therefore He doesn’t need people to tell Him how great He is.  He already knows Who and What He is.  Boasting is a sign of low self-esteem. Boasting is used to make one feel better about themselves through their accomplishments or possessions.  God doesn’t need anyone to make Him feel better about Himself.

Because of their low self-esteem, people who brag and boast cannot really serve others in love.  Even when they do serve, it becomes another point for their boasting.  When we look at Jesus, and ultimately see our Father, we see a servant.  We see that Jesus was willing to serve others.  In serving others, He had no ulterior motives.  He didn’t want anything from them.  He didn’t boast about how good of a servant He was or how many people He served.  God is a servant.

The second way that we can see that God does not boast is that Jesus was constantly telling people to not tell others about the miracle that He performed in their life.  It was like He didn’t want to call attention to Himself.  People who boast want to draw attention to themselves.  Jesus didn’t.  His birth was not with a great regal fanfare, even though He was the King.  He could have boasted about all the miracles He performed.  He could have shown them at any time His power but He didn’t.  He was the humble servant.

God is not a boaster or bragger.  He leaves us the example to go the way of love and always lift others up.  God came up under us in order to lift us up.  We should do the same.

So, what do you think?

3 Comments On “God is not Boastful”

  1. John Marsden

    Just love it Michael. I guess when the Blessed Master Himself said ‘when you see me you see the Father’ The Lord Jesus never boasted but humbled Himself.
    What a Saviour!!!!!

    • What amazes me is that Jesus never tried to draw attention to Himself, yet we have “leaders” running around all over the place touting their titles and networks and bragging about all the accomplishments they have done in ministry. Jesus made people feel welcome and embraced them. With all the ministry boasting going on, there is no way people can feel like they will ever measure up to the “super-Christians.”

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