God Speaks to Our Potential

God only speaks to our potential, never to our limitations. ImageThis is a powerful statement. When you see God speaking to people in the Old Testament, He always spoke to them according to the potential that they possessed. I think about Gideon who was hiding out threshing wheat. God called him a mighty man of valor, yet to himself he was far from that. We seem to be our own worst enemies. We see all the things that we are not.  God sees our potential, yet we look at our limitations.

When you look in the mirror at yourself what do you see?  Are even able to look at yourself in the mirror? Do you see limitations or do you see your potential?

Don’t allow your limitations to stop you from being all that God wants you to be because God can help you overcome any limitations that you may have. As a matter of fact, your limitations are actually ways to see God at work within you.  

Look at the all the people in the Bible that we consider great men or women of God. All of them had limitations and things that could have disqualified them from doing what God wanted. We need to realize that there are no “super humans”. We are all weak and limited. We all have faults and imperfections. However, our potential isn’t based upon our limitations. Our potential is based upon the way we think and view things. Our potential is based upon God’s giftings with us and our trust in Him. 

 There have been so many people that have overcome adversity and limitations. God helps those who put their faith and trust in Him. He is all that we need. He told Paul that His grace is sufficient for our weaknesses. He also told Paul that His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. So many of us are looking to overcome our weaknesses. Let’s not overcome them, let’s all God to become strong in them!!! It’s not about us; it’s about Him!  Our weaknesses coupled with his strength is great potential.

Our potential is what lies within us.  Only our Heavenly Father can truly see that to the fullest degree. And that is what He speaks to.  You were made in His image and likeness.  That’s great potential right there.

So today, listen for God to speak to your potential. Don’t argue with Him about who He sees you as. Moses did that and it cost him greatly. Allow yourself, by faith, to see what God says about you. Remember, that God knows about your limitations and yet speaks to your potential. What an awesome God we serve!

So what do you see?

4 Comments On “God Speaks to Our Potential”

  1. John H. Marsden

    Hi Michael
    A great article. Strangly I had just been listening to Charles Stanley speaking on ‘Reaching your Poential’ clearly your journey has taught you many lessons about the nature and character of God, also that its ok for us even as leaders to be open, weak, transparent and rely on God to be our strength. Enjoyed reading it.
    Have a great dauy full of unexpected blessings

  2. angie.mama76@gmail.com

    sometimes i forget about my potential with god good stuff as always

    • Angie, I think we all forget our potential because it seems its easier to focus on our limitations. However, you are full of potential. Just continue on the path you are on. Father is doing some amazing things in you. We are proud of you!

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