How to Overcome the Curse of Tomorrow


Today will lead you into tomorrow but tomorrow will always lead you into today.


The meaning of the above statement is that tomorrow never comes.  When you go to sleep at night thinking “I will do thus tomorrow” you wake up and it’s today.  So tomorrow never really comes.  It is always now.  It is always today.

The promise of tomorrow is a curse!  I don’t mean a curse in a really demonic, evil-eye, a hex on you kind of curse.  I am talking about the curse of procrastination.

I tend to procrastinate.  I have the best of intentions and plans.  I have my goals and plans written down.  However, there are times when I know I need to do something today and I tell myself I will do it tomorrow. And then tomorrow becomes today and I use the same excuse again….tomorrow.

Procrastination is the enemy of getting things done.  Take this blog for example.  It’s my goal to write a post every week.  I have even been so bold to plan to write 500 words a day.  Putting 500 words on a page is not that difficult.  The editing is the consuming part but writing is easy, providing I don’t put it off. Which I tend to do because something else grabs my attention. Or, worse, I just get plain ‘ole lazy.

How does one overcome the curse of tomorrow?  One must learn to live in the now.  Now is all that you have.  This very moment is all I really have.  I am not promised tomorrow.  I am not promised a long life.  I am not promised anything.  All I have is the right now.

I wish I could go back in time and recapture certain moments that are precious to me.  I also wish I could go back and redo some things I would like to change.  Mostly I wish I could recapture all the moments I wasted thinking that I would get it done tomorrow. Well, here it is  . . . my tomorrow but it’s Today and I can’t go back.

Enjoy the moment right now.  Embrace the time that you have.  Don’t allow the curse of tomorrow to affect your today.  Today is God’s gift to you; what you do with it is your gift to Him.

Recently a friend of mine and his wife welcomed their new daughter into the world.  She is a beautiful creation of God with her whole life in front of her.  Everyone’s dreams and well wishes for her future are grand and many.  As I walked out of the hospital from my visit my thoughts turned to my mother who has stage 4 COPD and is dying.  2

What a contrast . . . a life beginning and a life ending.  One has so many days ahead of her and the other is counting down her days.  That is my point.  Each of them only has today.  While the new baby can’t really appreciate life, at this moment, as you and I do, my mom understands the value and importance of today.  Each day for her is truly a gift.

Do not waste today.  Most of us do waste a lot of time.  I know I still do.  It’s something I am working to overcome.  Today counts, today matters, today is all you have.  Enjoy the moment!

What about you?  What is your biggest time waster?  What do you put off until tomorrow?

5 Comments On “How to Overcome the Curse of Tomorrow”

  1. JohnH Marsden

    Great article Michael. I think we all suffer from procrastination in one way or another. A timely reminder. Thank you.

    • Thanks John. Yes, we all suffer from the dreaded disease of procrastination. May we find healing for this issue! How much more I could, and will, accomplish simply by overcoming procrastination!

  2. Ruth Young

    Thanks again Michael. I have a huge project to start this year and you are right! will start today! Blessings to you

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