In a heartbeat…

No one wakes up and thinks that everything they have in life will be taken from them sometime that day.  We all seem to live like nothing bad is ever going to happen to us.  Most of us do not live with eternity in mind.  This past weekend saw several tornados wreak havoc across the midsouth where I live.  For many it was total devastation.

My boss, while out of town at a wedding, lost his house to a fire.  It was a total loss. Tragedies such as these have a way to smack us back into reality….life and material possessions are temporary.

I imagine that most people would live their lives differently if they knew that today was their last day. I know that I would.  Life can change in a heartbeat.  None of us are guaranteed anything in this life.  We all know that, but we do not live with that mindset.

As a pastor I’ve conducted a handful of funerals during the last 20 years.  One thing I have noticed is that family and friends will go on and on about how much they will miss the deceased, how much they loved them and how good of a person they were.   So many nice and wonderful things are said at a funeral.  I wonder if these same things were said to the deceased when they alive.  They really don’t mean much after the person has died.  They needed to hear it while they were alive.

My point is that we take so much for granted.  In a heartbeat your whole life can change.  ImageIn a heartbeat your life can be different.  In a heartbeat.

In a heartbeat your marriage can be over as you hear the dreaded words, “I want a divorce.”

In a heartbeat your life is changed by a doctor’s words, “You have cancer.”

In a heartbeat your life is changed by a knock on the door, “We’re sorry to inform you, there’s been an accident.”

In a heartbeat.

On the flip side of that coin, your life can change for the better in a heartbeat.  But for the sake of this blog my purpose is to help realize how fragile life is.  It’s but a vapor.  It’s temporary as we all shall die.  This earth will continue on without us when we pass on someday.

So, take some time today to tell those closest to you that you love them.

Take some time today to tell your friends and family that you are crazy about them and that they are absolutely wonderful.  Someday it’s going to be too late and you will wish you could tell them.

Take some time today to hug those around you and smile at them.

Take some time today to make things right with someone you’ve hurt.

Take some time today to forgive those that have hurt you.  Forgiveness isn’t for them. Forgiveness is for you.  Life is too short to hold grudges.

Take some time today to just be thankful.  Look around at all the things you take for granted.  Recently my microwave went out.  I didn’t realize how much I depend on my microwave.  I had taken it for granted.  What around you are you thankful for? I live in the United States so I realize that compared to much of the world I am very rich (even though by American standards I am not rich).  So I am thankful that I have all that I do have.  I am thankful for my junk drawer because so many in the world are not rich enough to even have junk.

Remember that everything can change in a heartbeart.  Enjoy the moment because it’s all you really have.  Today will lead you into tomorrow and tomorrow always leads you into today so today, right now, this very moment, is all that you have.  Enjoy it, live it, cherish it and most of all don’t waste it.

Has your life ever changed in a heartbeat?  How did you handle it?

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  1. Excellent insight. blessings to you, my wise friend.

  2. John

    Great message Michael and so true. I guess the best way to live ones life is with what I would call an ‘Eternal world wide view’ everything has and is wrapped up in the One Who is eternal. Therefore to seek Him out, to know His ways, to be aquatinted with voice is the only way to deal with life’s heartbeat moments. O’ that I might KNOW HIM! Thank you for this word. John.

    • John, you carry that Eternal World wide view very well. You are one of the most upbeat, positive people I know. I am sure that you have your moments but you do inspire others to be more upbeat and positive, including me! As you and I have talked over the last year the one thing that we always come do is “live in the now”. Blessings my friend.

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