Jesus Offers Overdraft Protection

American Christians today have a sin problem.  Many of you are probably thinking, “Duh!!”.  But our sin problem is not that we sin, but rather that we focus too much on our sin.  Jesus has taken care of our sin problem by dying on the cross and being raised from the dead.  He has overcome sin for us!  Our sin problem is taken care of when we place our faith in Him.  Far too many of us believers still focus on our sins and believe that God is keeping record of all of our wrong doing.  Let me give you an illustration to help you see what I am saying.
Think about having a spiritual bank account.  Many Christians believe when they do  good works tImagehat they make deposits in their bank account.  But when they sin, they believe they make withdrawals from their account.  We live this way when we base our lives on our performance.  Unfortunately, I see this in too many believers’ lives.  I see it still in my own life.   The problem with this ideology is that we believe that we live with an overdrawn account because our sins (our bad performance) outweigh our good works (our good performance).  Therefore, we constantly live feeling like we are always “owing God” because we are overdrawn on our spiritual bank account.  We tend to try to do more good works to make up for the overdrafts that we have incurred because of our sin.
Let me say that this is a terrible practice to live by.  If we try to live this way then a couple of things come to mind:
1)  We will always be overdrawn because we tend to sin.
2)  How will we know if our works over rate our sin?
3)  We are saved by grace, not works, therefore works will never give us a “one-up” on God.
We need to understand that third point.  We are saved by grace, not works.  Our good deeds will not ever outweigh our sins.  Don’t even try that one!  Jesus took care of our sins on the cross.  He died to deal with our sins.  We simply have to embrace the grace that He offers.
Here’s an easy way to tell if you have a “sin-problem.”  When you mess up by sinning do you run to the loving arms of a caring Father or do you “hide from God” for a time while you beat yourself up over what you have done?  If you try to hide from God for a while then you are sin-conscious and not  love & grace conscious.  We don’t have to run from God when we blow it….we get to run to God.
Back to the checkbook analogy.  Think about this.  Some checking accounts offer over-draft protection whereby if you bounce a check by having insufficient funds, the bank will cover your overdraft.  We are all overdrawn in our spiritual accounts.  There is no way that we could put enough in our bank account to settle our sins.  Thankfully Jesus offers overdraft protection.  His blood has covered all of your overdrafts.  No matter how much you sin, or how much you mess up, Jesus has you covered.  So now you don’t have to worry about being overdrawn with God.  You have peace with God through faith in Christ.  You are not going to be overdrawn!!  You can now just focus on doing good things for others in the name of God.  Make deposits of love in your bank account, because it is love that covers your overdrafts.
The Bible tells us that where sin abounds (overdrafts) the grace of God abounds more Image(overdraft protection).  You can’t “out-sin” the grace of God.  There is more love of God for you than there is sin in you.  So quit worrying and focusing on trying to quit sinning and just rest in His love.  As you come to know His love, you will find yourself sinning less because your focus is Him and not your actions.  Remember…..Jesus has you covered.
Now I must add this part…..just because Jesus has us covered doesn’t mean we can sin willfully.  I realize that some people think that grace teachers believe this.  We do not.  It’s not that I can sin as I please.  His grace and love for me make me want to sin less because I love Him.  But if I do sin, I don’t have to live in condemnation because it’s already covered.  I appreciate the fact that if I mess up, Jesus has already covered my overdraft.  Just as in the natural world, I would not knowing write bad checks if the money wasn’t there, even if I have overdraft protection.  The overdraft protection is a credit account, it’s a means of covering my mistakes.  Grace is the same way.  It doesn’t allow me to live however I choose. It covers me when I do mess up.  I still have to choose to live responsibly.

3 Comments On “Jesus Offers Overdraft Protection”

  1. John

    Great article Michael. I loved reading this one particularly. It reminded me more and more that this is a love relationship. How great is the love the God our Heavenly Father has lavished upon us!

    • Thanks John, It’s taken me a very long time to get to this point of understanding. I lived so many years feeling like I was always in “overdraft” with Jesus. How thankful I am that He overs the protection! He is so much better than we even realize today! Blessings my friend.

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