Navigating Our Seasons

I have discovered through many years of walking with God, and much study, that God works in cycles and seasons.  four_seasonsAs I look upon my life I can see many different seasons that I have endured.  Some seasons of life have been awesome; some not so awesome.  We can see in scripture that God created seasons at the very beginning of time.  He created cycles for the earth, and humanity, to operate in.  We have night and day; then we have a week.  Each day starts fresh, as does each week.  Its a cycle.  We have a cycle of one year.  The Earth cycles around the sun; the moon cycles around the earth.  In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, we find that there is a season for everything.
There is a reason for seasons.  In Mark 4:26-29 we see that there is a time for preparation, planting, growing, harvesting, and resting.  Then the cycle repeats itself.  Each stage is important and vital to the overall season.
Its the same for our lives.  Many times we describe seasons as “being on the mountaintop”  (a good season) or “being in the valley”  (a hard season).  We describe our journeys as “I feel like I’m in the wilderness” (again, a not so fun season) or we might feel like we’re experiencing “breakthrough” (a much better season).  The point is that we go through cycles in our walk with God because He prepares us for things, plants things in our hearts, allows us to grow, brings forth a harvest and then allows rest to come.  Then the cycle starts again.
An important thing to remember if you are going through a hard season is that we must do the right thing for whatever season we are in.  When you cooperate with the season you are in, then things work for you.  For example, you can expect a harvest of crops after you have just prepared the soil.  There is a particular order (or cycle) that you must go through.
Our problem is that sometimes we get weary in the season that we are in.  The thing that we must keep in mind is not if this cycle will pass, but when it’s going to pass.  It will come to pass, so don’t give up prematurely if you are in a season you don’t like.
We also must learn to appreciate the season that we are in. I love spring and summer. I hate winter.  However, winter is important and there are benefits of winter.  There are things that I can enjoy in the winter that I cannot enjoy in the summer.  Many times in our walk with God we will not move on from the season we are in until we have learned to appreciate the season (the process) that we are in.
Lastly,  remember the following four things about seasons:
1.  A shift in season symbolizes change.  We must remember to not get comfortable within a season, because ideal conditions never last.
2.  Every change brings forth challenges.
3.  Challenges conquered produce maturity.
4.  Maturity produces fruit.  Harvest comes at the end of the growing season.  There are no shortcuts to maturity.  Seasons are designed to mature us!
Whatever season you are in…appreciate it, learn from it, endure it and draw value from it.

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  1. John Marsden

    Another great article of embracing the season’s, which are inevertable. Winter always appears to be the one we would all run away from but personally I have found the winter season a time when I can watch, reflect, and embrace new ideas for the Spring, Summer, and Fall which I always think of as ‘harvest time’. Thank you once again. Blessings John

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