Prototype by Jonathan Martin (Book Review)

In the book Prototype, by Pastor Jonathan Martin, one will find a Imagegreat read that is both easy to read and understand yet has many thought provoking insights.  With southern charm and great storytelling, Jonathan pulls the reader in quickly and keeps them captivated.  Each chapter leaves you wanting more.  That’s one mark of a great speaker and/or author.  Having listened to Jonathan speak via his weekly podcasts, I can tell you that he is both a great speaker and author.

 Prototype addresses the question:  “What happens when you discover you’re more like Jesus than you think?”.  Using stories and  personal transparency, Jonathan takes the reader on a journey of discovery.  It’s a journey that shows Jesus as the prototype of what humanity is supposed to be like.  Jesus was the beloved of God, and the wonderful thing about that is that Jesus believed it and lived like He was the beloved.  Jonathan begins with this premise and invites the reader to see themselves as the Beloved of God. 

 The beauty of this book is that Jonathan takes into account the brokenness of humanity.  He boldly and lovingly urges us to accept our scars and wounds as that which makes us lovely.  He shows the heart of the Father for His children.  He shows us that with God absolutely nothing within our lives is wasted.  God brings beauty out of it all and calls us His beloved.

 As an avid reader I read a lot of books.  Some grab me and some bore me.  Some are worth reading numerous times.  Prototype is one of those books that is worth reading numerous times.  I highly recommend this book!

 Some great quotes from the book are:

 Check out where you can get chapter 1, the foreword by @stevenfurtick, & the discussion guide for free right now!

 I received this book free of charge for my honest review of this book. 

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  1. John Marsden

    Many thanks for your comments. I am in the middle of reading 4 books at present but on your recommendation I will add it to my list of must haves.
    Thanks again Michael

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