Redemption Means You Have Value!

The word redemption is key to the Christian faith.  It’s woven throughout the Bible and it’s the reason that Jesus came.  He came to redeem us.  TImagehe word redeem means to buy back or pay off.  When one wants to redeem something they give something else of value in exchange for the item.  Someone will not redeem something that is not of value to them.  Recently I read a story about a husband who sold a box of items in a yard sale.  Unbeknownst to him, his wife’s very expensive wedding ring was in the box.  He sold the box for $10.  They managed to track down the person who bought the box and was able to get the ring back.  I don’t know if they had to pay any money for the ring, but I am sure that they would have paid a price to redeem the ring because of the great value that the ring held to them. 

 Two things define value:

  1.  The manufacture’s or seller’s retail price
  2. What the buyer will pay

 The manufacturer or the seller will set a price that they think is a fair price for their item.  Sometimes a seller will try to gouge customers, especially in cases where a natural disaster has occurred. However, what the buyer will pay for an item is a higher priority.  A seller can set whatever price they want but it comes down to what someone is willing to pay for an item.  If I am looking at an item to buy then I will determine what I am going to pay for that item.  If it is something that I really want or need I may pay a higher price for the item, even if I think that I am paying more than it’s worth.  By paying the price asked I am saying that I either want it that bad or I need it.  At the moment of exchange I am declaring the worth of that item.   

 Now here’s the great part of all this.  When it comes to you and me – God has set a price for us as the manufacturer.  He created us.  He declared our value.  In the very beginning He declared us good (Gen 1:31). Psalms 8:4-5 declares that He has crowned man with glory and honor.  We are made in His image and we bear His resemblance. 

 But because of sin, we became broken.  We were now damaged goods.  Many people will say that God couldn’t, and wouldn’t, look upon us anymore because of our sin.  His holiness couldn’t allow Him to have a relationship with us.  If you read throughout the Old Testament you will find that is totally false. God had relationships and dealings with man. Why?  Because mankind was still valuable to him even though mankind was broken.  Just because something is broken doesn’t mean that it no longer has value.  The object doesn’t define its value:  the owner does.  God is our creator and as such He has put a very high value on us.  But in our broken state, we needed to be repaired.  We needed to be redeemed.

 The Father asked His Son Jesus to come to earth to restore the broken relationship and the broken nature of mankind.  Jesus, in essence, was the buyer….the redeemer.  He determined that mankind was worth the greatest price…..His death.  It wasn’t enough that the manufacturer (God) set the price because we had to be redeemed.  Someone had to be willing to pay that price and Jesus did.

 We have infinite value that we struggle to accept. 

 One of the tactics of the devil is to get you to believe that you are worthless.  I am amazed at the number of Christians that tell others how worthless they are.  We talk about how bad we are, how depraved we are and how nothing good is within us.  We use scriptures out of context to belittle ourselves.  But stop to think about this:  how many of you as parents would sit your children down and tell them how depraved they are?  Would you tell them that they are worthless and capable of nothing good?  Why no, we wouldn’t dare dream of that.  And when we do hear of a parent doing that to their kids, we develop a very poor opinion of that parent.  We become appalled at how a parent could treat their kids that poorly.  And if the kid turns out with a low self-esteem and gets into trouble, we tend to blame the parent for not giving the proper love and support that the child needed.  We don’t blame the child, we blame the parent.

 Why, then, do we think that we are better parents than God?  Why do we think that God does that to us?  Why can’t we believe that speaks to our value; the very value that He set on us as our Creator and our Redeemer?  Why can’t we see the value in ourselves that Jesus saw as He laid down His live in order to redeem us?

 We don’t get to set the value on ourselves.  God our creator defines our value.  Jesus the redeemer defines our value.  They both define our value as worthy enough to die for us.  That’s the greatness of our God!  Redemption means you have value!

 Do you struggle with seeing yourself as valuable?

6 Comments On “Redemption Means You Have Value!”

  1. This is so good! In the Body of Christ many times we do not value each other! A sad commentary, because as you said, He is the one who sets the value. Thank you Michael, for your insight and posts. I read regularly but don’t always comment! Just know I appreciate and value YOU!

  2. Thanks Ruthie. It’s true that we don’t vaue each other enough. I have heard far too many sermons on honoring authority and “the” man of God. Never have I heard a sermon on how to honor one another, especially the less honorable members. We talk so much about revival and taking our mountains of influence. I believe that we need a revival of love. I believe that we need to see people, not as objects to win over, but creations of our Father needing to be loved and valued. Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  3. John Marsden

    Great article. Loved it!

  4. Thanks John. When are you going to start a blog?

    • John Marsden

      I’m not very good at blogging. I once tried but found myself caught up eith other matters. 13 Grandchildren for one!!!! Enjoy yours though.

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