It is my goal to help provide resources for your spiritual journey.  Here are some excellent resources that have helped me in my grace journey.

Dr. Stephen Crosby (

Dr. Crosby’s books and blogs helped me to really understand grace and the finished work on the cross.  Everything that I have read from him is Biblically sound and very helpful.  Truly, he is a prophetic voice to the church today.

Paul Ellis  (

Paul’s blog has excellent articles on grace and living the Christian life.

John Sheasby (

John is an excellent Bible teacher who’s mission in life is to restore the true picture of God to the world.  All of his messages are free to download.

Andrew Wommack (

Andrew has some really great teaching on grace and living the Christian life.  He is a good communicator and brings clarity to those seeking to understand the Word better.

Brian Zahnd (

Brian is perhaps one of the best communicators that I listen to on a regular basis.  He is a very well read, intelligent person who has the ability to reach the intellectual as well as the uneducated.  Brian has helped me to think deeper and understand more. Brians messages are on his church’s website and are free to listen to.

Greg Boyd (

Greg is an incredibly gifted teacher and communicator of the Word of God.  He has a very firm grasp of what it means to be a Christian and how to live this walk.  I recommend listening to Greg on a regular basis. Every message on his church’s website are free to listen to.

Harold Eberle (

Harold is a gifted teacher who will challenge your thinking.  Drawing from both church history and modern day living, Harold does a great job of bringing understanding to the Bible.  His heart is for a glorified church.  He has authored numerous books which I have found to always be helpful.