Saint Sam (Guest Blogger — Steve McVey)

Steve McVey ( wrote this incredible poem in the prose of Dr. Seuss that is a great example of God’s grace.  I hope that you enjoy!


Saint Sam

I am Sam. Saint Sam I am.

Would you, could you keep the Law?
I would not, could not keep the Law.
Does that seem odd?
Not to God.
Would you, could you not then go sin?
I would not, could not then go sin.
Would sin not win?
No, I’m in Him!
Would you, should you go to school
And learn to keep religious rule?
I would not, should not go to school
To learn to keep religious rule.
Won’t you go wild?
No, I’m God’s child!
But sin is stronger.
But I want it no longer.
But the Bible says to run the race,
It also says I’m under grace,
But you must run!
But to run is fun.
Does your church have a steeple?
No, the church is the people.
Do you say your prayers each day?
I walk with Him and always pray.
Do you witness to the lost?
I simply glory in the cross.
What about daily Bible reading?
I just follow the Spirit’s leading.
But aren’t you scared that He’ll be mad?
No, my God is always glad.
Even when you commit a sin?
He still loves me even then.
Even if you shame His name?
He still loves me just the same.
When you have lied?
That’s why he died.
When you fall down?
He is my ground.
When you’re two-faced?
Even then I’m graced.
I must get off of my treadmill,
Trying to climb this religious hill,
You can stop. It’s not a test.
Life in Him is just a rest.
And you’re sure that won’t insult His name?
No, my friend. That’s why He came.
I want to know Him like you do,
Well, He knows you through and through.
And you say He loves me just this way?
Then I’m going to trust in Him today.
Congratulations, my dear brother,
You’re going to see there is no Other,
Who loves you like He always will,
He took you off that tiring hill,
And now you’ll finally know His rest,
That’s how we live life at its best.
You will learn and see in time,
That life in Him is so sublime,
This is not religious talk,
Welcome to the grace walk.

Steve McVey, 2012

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