Please Don’t Give Me That Old Time Religion!

Often in Facebook dialogues, I see someone say something to the effect of, “Our church preaches the old time Gospel, and we sing the old time songs.  We all need to get back to the old time religion.” When I hear things like that I cringe. What they mean is that they want us to

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What If We Are Asking God For the Wrong Things

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  In years past I have been very much involved in this day.  Through the journey I have been on the past couple of years I have changed my views on a lot of areas including this one.  While I do believe that the National Day of Prayer is

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How American Christianity differs from Kingdom Christianity, part 2

I wrote in an earlier blog about the differences between American Christianity and Kingdom Christianity.  I want to continue with this thought process. American Christianity has become prosperity and success driven whereas Kingdom Christianity is about giving. In America bigger is always better.  Americans believe that the key to the pursuit of happiness is built

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