Why Is Trusting God So Hard?

As a child of God, He asks us to simply trust Him to provide for us, guide us and help us through our daily lives.  Sometimes, though, this seems very difficult to do. My wife and I are planning a major move right now from Tennessee to Oklahoma.  On one hand, it makes no sense

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I Give Up

I give up.  I can’t do it anymore.  I quit. Now you are wondering what I am giving up and quitting. Control! (I wrote about The Illusion of Control). I have finally gotten to the place in my life where I realize that I have been stressing out over things that I cannot control.  All

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The Illusion of Control

Control.  Everyone wants to have it over their lives.  We would like to believe that we are in control of our lives.  When we are young we feel invincible.  We feel that we can overcome anything.  We feel that we are immortal.  As we grow older we realize that we are not invincible, immortal or

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