The Struggle is Real!

This is a saying that has become popular over the last couple of years. I imagine that most of us have heard, or even said, “the struggle is real.”  Some people say it in jest.  Others are quite serious about it.  We have all struggled with something in our lives more than once. But what

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Spiritual Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unsightly.  They occur on people who have either gained weight or on women during pregnancy because the body is gaining weight rapidly and the skin cannot keep up with the changes.  They happen because the skin gets stretched due to growth.  I don’t know anyone that likes them or even desires them.

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Recognizing God’s Grace in Others

I love the fact that God will use any body.  I love the fact that He shows kindness to evil and righteous men.  He sends the rain upon the just and the unjust. Sometimes, though, we don’t always recognize God’s work in the lives of other people.  Sometimes, we don’t want to recognize God’s grace

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