Allowing God To Love You

For most of my life I have been on what I like to call the “treadmill of performance”.  It started because of rejection that I suffered as a kid and especially as a teenager.  I was saved at the age of 12 after my parent’s divorce.  I bounced back and forth between my father’s house

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Redemption Means You Have Value!

The word redemption is key to the Christian faith.  It’s woven throughout the Bible and it’s the reason that Jesus came.  He came to redeem us.  The word redeem means to buy back or pay off.  When one wants to redeem something they give something else of value in exchange for the item.  Someone will

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Immanuel — God with us (part one)

There have been plenty of times in my life when I felt that God didn’t understand me and my struggles.  How could He, I reasoned, as He is God and I am a human that deals with sin and weakness.  Not to mention, that I was raised to believe that God nearly demanded my perfection

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