What If We Are Asking God For the Wrong Things

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  In years past I have been very much involved in this day.  Through the journey I have been on the past couple of years I have changed my views on a lot of areas including this one.  While I do believe that the National Day of Prayer is

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Don’t be sorry…..Change!

In the American church world today, I find so many people being sorry but where are the people who are changing? I know, and believe, that most are sorry for their sins and wrong actions but God wants us to move beyond being sorry to the point of change! Being sorry should move us to

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Repentance to God’s love

As we continue our look at some of our misunderstandings of God, I want to take a look at repentance.  Repentance for most Christians means to tell God how sorry one is for their sins.  We have equated repentance to sorrow.  While it is true that godly sorrow leads to repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10), being

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