Can You Trust in Suffering?

Several years ago, something happened that drastically changed my life in a very real, dramatic and devastating way.  I knew then that it would have lasting effects that would just ripple through time.  That event led to other events that have caused a lot of suffering in my life.  I wish I could tell you

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Why Won’t God Feel Sorry For Me?

  Have you ever had a bad time in your life where you prayed for things to change, but they didn’t?  This is especially hard when someone has caused you great pain and done something to cause you loss.  I’ve been in this season for a while now.  It started about five years ago.  I

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When God Doesn’t Stop Me

Why did God allow me to go through that horrendous ordeal?  Why didn’t He stop my father from hurting me?  Why didn’t He stop that drunk from killing my wife?  Why did He allow me to go through so much suffering? Why did He allow me to get raped?  Why does He allow suffering in

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