Can You Trust in Suffering?

Several years ago, something happened that drastically changed my life in a very real, dramatic and devastating way.  I knew then that it would have lasting effects that would just ripple through time.  That event led to other events that have caused a lot of suffering in my life.  I wish I could tell you

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Why Is Trusting God So Hard?

As a child of God, He asks us to simply trust Him to provide for us, guide us and help us through our daily lives.  Sometimes, though, this seems very difficult to do. My wife and I are planning a major move right now from Tennessee to Oklahoma.  On one hand, it makes no sense

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Why Do We Disgrace Others?

There are not many issues in life that are harder to face than having a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend cheat on you.  It is a devastating event that wreaks havoc with your emotions and mind. To have that trust betrayed by the closest person to you is one of the most distressing things a person can

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