The Golden Rule = Grace

Treat others the same way you want them to treat you. (Luke 6:31)

This is one of Jesus’ most famous and most oft repeated sayings.  This is often called The Golden Rule.  It’s something that most parents try to teach their children.  We see it quoted by Christians and non-Christians alike.  This is really grace in action.

If you want grace, then you must give grace.  If you want people to forgive you when

The Golden rule

The Golden Rule by Burkazoid shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

you mess up then you must first extend forgiveness.  If you want people to act graciously towards you then you must act graciously toward them.

We all know that not everyone will simply reciprocate your actions of grace but that’s not really the issue.  The issue that Jesus presents is that we are responsible for our own actions and how we treat others.  Therefore, we must be the first to extend grace and mercy.  You treat people with grace whether they treat you with grace or not simply because you want to be treated with grace.

The Golden Rule really does embody the grace of God.  While every person we treat with grace may not always extend that grace back, we will reap what we sow eventually.

Imagine if every single human being followed Jesus’ Golden Rule.  The world would be a much better place.

Begin to treat others the way you want to be treated.  Instead of judging people based on their actions, give them the benefit of the doubt by showing them love and grace.

When treated wrongly, act in grace.

Treat others with the grace that you want to be treated with.



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7 Comments On “The Golden Rule = Grace”

  1. John H Marsden

    It always starts with ‘me’!

  2. If you don’t forgive the other, GOD will not forgive you. I think THAT is the point! 🙂

    Ps. You are allowed to judge. But be slow in judging (James) and judge righteous judgment (Jesus).

    • Hey Tom, thanks for reading and commenting. Forgiveness is important but I am not sure how your comment ties into the Golden Rule. Maybe your could explain a bit. I do think we can judge but only within the house of God. Paul tells us that we are not to judge outsiders. We are simply to judge that which is going on within the Church. Your thoughts?

      • I think it depends on the context. If we see – for example – a gay pride parade marching in front of our houses, we say: “This is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord” in light of – for example – the text in Exodus. We then have the responsibility to warn them and offer them a Way out by sharing the Gospel.

        On the first part: we must forgive others, otherwise our heavenly Father won’t forgive us (which would also show that we don’t respect Him and what He did for us 🙂 )

        • Thanks for the clarification.I understand what you are saying about declaring that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord according to the Old Covenant. But would you also say that to every politician caught in an lie as Proverbs 12:22 tells us? Would you do the same to every Christian who gossips or slanders another brother/sister (Prov. 6:16-19)? I am certainly not justifying or excusing sin, but my point of the post is that we should treat others as we want to be treated. I don’t see a lot of Christians doing that. I see them as judgmental and condemning. Paul tells us not to judge outsiders (unbelievers) because that is God’s job. We should work on cleaning up our own lives first, then clean up the Church.

          • Homosexuality is also an abomination under the New Covenant (1 Corinthians).

            There is differences in sins but they are all sins and should not be lowered to “our modern standards”.

            If I sin, here’s how I want to be threated: “Warn me!”

            That’s how I see it. 🙂

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