The Ice Cube Principle

All of us have potential.  At times I will examine myself to make sure that I am living up to my fullest potential.  Many times I come to the realization that I am not.  My main reason is simple:  laziness.  To operate at my fullest potential requires effort and hard work.  Sometimes I just settle for good enough.  Sad isn’t it?  Yet, I know that I am not alone.  Many of us never live up to our potential for various reasons.
Potential means expressing possibility or the capacity to develop.  Potential is a very powerful thing if it is used properly or it can be a wasted thing if it is not used. Our potential can be hindered by our belief system.  What you think about yourself is going to be your reality.  Here’s a saying that I use often:  “You are better than you think you are and you are greater than you have become.”  The Bible book of Proverbs declares that “as a man thinks, so is he.” (Prov. 23:7).
Another detriment to the fulfilling of our potential is what I call the “Ice Cube Principle”.  Cup-of-IceThink about a 20 ounce cup.  It’s potential to hold liquid is 20 ounces.  However, when you go to a restaurant and order a 20 ounce drink you do not get a full 20 ounces.  Why?  Because they put ice cubes in the cup.  Your amount of drink is now determined by how big and how many ice cubes there are.  You may have the potential for 20 ounces but now you may only get 14 ounces.  Your potential has been diminished by your capacity.  That’s the “Ice Cube Principle”.  In order to reach your fullest potential, you must match your capacity to your potential.  How do you do that?  You remove the ice cubes.  What are the ice cubes?  They can be anything:  doubts, fears, laziness, ignorance, lack of skills, etc.  Ice cubes are anything that keeps you from fulfilling your fullest potential.
The problem with a lot of humanity is that we see the ice cubes and even recognize them as limitations but we accept them as part of our lives.  We just think that this is the way we are.  NEVER!  You can learn.  You can grow.  You can achieve your maximum potential.  You just have to get rid of the ice cubes. You have to learn to match your capacity with your potential.
One particular fast food chain in my city uses really small ice cubes in their drinks.  When I go to this chain, I tell them not to put any ice in my drink because I want my money’s worth.  I believe that with all the ice they put into my cup I am not even getting half of the cups potential.  So, I tell them to leave out the ice.  You can do the same thing.  Recognize the ice cubes in your life and simply work hard to get rid of them.  It will take effort and hard work.  Some ice cubes, such as laziness and procrastination, will not necessarily come out  easily.  No matter what ice cubes are in your cup of potential, you can get them out.  God created you with potential.  You are capable of that potential because God said you were.  It is up to you to fulfill that potential within your life.  Ask God to help you see the ice cubes, and then remove the ice cubes.  You can do it.

2 Comments On “The Ice Cube Principle”

  1. John

    Spot on Michael…. It spoke to me that very often I take the path of least resistance. I must stop procrastinating! Thanks for the kick up the bum!

  2. Hey John, I needed to kick myself in the bum! I know that I am not living up to my potential. Maybe we both need to give each other a “cyber-kick”. I love you my friend. Been praying for you!

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