What If We Are Asking God For the Wrong Things

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  In years past I have been very much involved in this day.  Through the journey I have been on the past couple of years I have changed my views on a lot of areas including this one.  While I do believe that the National Day of Prayer is a good idea, I have some thoughts I want to share.

First, it really concerns me that with all of the prayer that has gone up over our nation from every National Day of Prayer since its inception, that our nation still doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction.  In fact, it seems that we are moving away from conservative, Biblical values.

Secondly, it concerns me that with all of the prayers that have gone up over abortion we are still seeing abortions occur.

Another area of concern is with all of the public repentance that has been done in the area of slavery and the genocide of the Native Americans, we are seeing racial divides deepen in our country rather than getting better.

I could go on with government corruption, church scandals, neglect of the poor and other issues that the Bible addresses.  My question is this:  what if we are asking God for the wrong things?  What if the verse in James applies to this situation where he cautions the church that we have not because we ask not and that when we do ask we ask amiss.

Again, what if we are asking God for the wrong thing?

What if, instead of asking God to bless our nation, we begin to truly repent for not living out the commandment of Jesus . . . to love others as we have been loved by Him?  The world looks at the Church and the word loving is not the first word that they would use to describe us.  They can tell you everything that we are against but do they know that we love them?  I don’t think that they do.

What if we spent a day asking God to help us to love as He loves?

What if, instead of asking God to judge those that are sinners, we asked God where we as the Church need to clean up our act?  We are not called to judge the world.  We are called to love them, pray for them and show kindness.  What if we began to ask God to expose the darkness in the Church? What if we began to ask God to expose the hidden sins in our leaders, and in our own lives? What if we began to ask God to help us get rid of all the weights and sins that entangle us, that keep us from running the race before us?

What if, instead of pleading for God to stop the homosexuals, we began to spend time repenting for the high divorce rate in the church and ask God to heal and strengthen our marriages?  What if we concerned ourselves with how much our easy divorces are destroying families?

What if we focused more on the logs in our own eyes so that we can see clearly the speck in our brothers eyes?

What if, instead of taking just one day a year in prayer, we dedicated a whole week or even a month to prayer?  What if we dedicated a whole month to repentance?  What if we concerned ourselves with getting ourselves right with God and with each other?  What if that was our focus?

Again, I like the idea of a National Day of Prayer.  I wonder sometimes if maybe our focus is wrong.  Maybe I am wrong.  I am just thinking here.  I know that in my own life I need to look at the things I mentioned above.

God show us your ways so that we can move forward.  May your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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  1. John

    Another thought provoking article Michael. I too have though ‘ I wonder what a modern day Pharisee looks like”? ‘Could I be one’? I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about love…loving your brothers and sisters, loving those who don’t think they way we think, loving those who do things different to us, their music so different, they have a woman Pastor, and she preaches in heels. loving the rag tag and bob tails if this world. The Church looking a whole lot differen than it does.

    Of late I find myself thinking more this way. I will not discuss theology any more with folk as everything is via their bias. I will talk if asked but shut down if all they want to do is point prove. I try to keep my mind open and to learn new things. Wayne Dyer has most certainly opened my eyes to something’s. O’ No now I might get it in the head!!!!!!!

  2. John, we are definitely on a similar journey. I look at all the stuff going on just within the Church (in America) and my heart is saddened. We are so powerless. I’ve often said that the type of revival the church needs is a revival of love. We need to learn to love. I know I do. I still struggle with that but my mindset is changing everyday. Blessings my friend.

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