What Message is My Life Portraying?

My life is a message.  As a follower of Christ everything I do, day in and day out, sends a  message to those around me.  I am either sending a message of love, value and acceptance or I am sending a message of disappointment, judgment and rejection.

The way I live my life tells my message.  I am either telling a message of hope and optimism or I am telling a message of gloom and despair. Either way, people are getting the message of my life by just being around me.

My life is a message . . . to my children, my wife, my extended family, my co-workers, even to people that I don’t know yet who intersect with me at the store, gas station, or other public places.

My life is a message.  What message do I want to give?

As a follower of Jesus, I want my message to be one that mirrors the message that Jesus brought when He lived on earth as a man.  His message was one of love and grace.  His message was that we have a Heavenly Father who isn’t looking to condemn people but wants people to have a child-father relationship with Him.  Jesus’ message was a love that would die for his enemies so that they might become his friends. Is the message I am presenting that bold, that daring and that radical?

My life is a message.

Your life is a message.

What message are you sending?

6 Comments On “What Message is My Life Portraying?”

  1. John

    We are living letters with Gods love written in our hearts. Blessings Michael.

  2. good word Michael!

  3. Thanks Ruthie. I appreciate that!

  4. Great reminder. I needed this!

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