Why Won’t God Feel Sorry For Me?


Have you ever had a bad time in your life where you prayed for things to change, but they didn’t?  This is especially hard when someone has caused you great pain and done something to cause you loss.  Why won't GodI’ve been in this season for a while now.  It started about five years ago.  I am in a much better place now, but I still feel the sting of pain and loss from the actions of someone else.

Throughout this ordeal, there have been many times where I have wanted God to feel sorry for me.  I have wanted him to deal with others in the way that David prayed in the Psalms.  “Lord, smash them, vindicate me, get them good, let them hurt as I hurt.” That’s not an actual translation….that’s the Michael Wilson version.

I am sure that you are a much stronger person than I am and have never felt this way.

But this is not the Jesus way!

So, why won’t God just feel sorry for me and get me out of this mess?  Why won’t he just snap his fingers and cause my circumstances, which were not my fault, mind you, to just change for the better.  How long until things are fully restored as I desire them to be?

Because with God nothing is ever wasted!  No problem, no scar, no miscarriage of justice.  No pain, no hurt, no wound.  Nothing is ever wasted with God.  He has the ability to make ALL things work together for our good.

He has a way of turning every test we go through into a testimony we can share with someone else.  He has the ability to turn every mess we are in into a message of hope and deliverance for someone else.  He can turn every trial and tribulation into a triumph for those that will just trust him.

It would be easier for God to feel sorry for us and turn things around but what would we learn from that?  Many times our children go through things that are not comfortable for them.  As much as we want to, we don’t always get them out of their situation because we use it for a learning experience.  It’s a teachable moment about how to overcome adversity.  It’s a way to teach them that life is tough, but they are tougher.

Yes, at times, I want God to feel sorry for me.  I want him to just supernaturally move me from the trials I am in to a place of comfort, a place of green pastures and still waters.

But I won’t grow like I should if all I have is comfort.  I won’t grow if it’s always easy.  I won’t learn obedience unless I go through some suffering.  That’s how it worked for Jesus.  Even though he was the Son of God and sinless, he still had to learn obedience through things that he suffered (Heb. 5:7).

It’s easy to obey God when things are going our way when we feel we are on top of life and all things are good.  It’s not so easy when we are suffering because of someone else’s mistakes and sins.  It’s not as easy to trust God when our name is being dragged through the mud and people believe lies about us.  We want vindication and justice.  Many times, if not all, God simply whispers to us, “Let it go and trust me.”

Many times, we have a conversation like this with God:

“Can’t you just feel sorry for me and right all the wrongs done to me?  That would make me feel better.”

“Let it go and just trust me.”

“Yea, but people believe stuff that’s not true and I am paying the price for their sins.”

“I paid the price for your sins and their sins, now let it go and just trust me.”

“But I am afraid you won’t come through for me.  I mean look at them, they are prospering and happy.  They are able to move on and I am stuck.  I don’t like it here and it’s their fault.  What are you going to do?”

“I am working all things out for you, and for them.  Remember I love you both.  I died for their sins as well as yours.  My plans and purposes are greater than you will know, but you have to let this go and just trust me.”

“So you won’t feel sorry for me?  You won’t make this easier on me?”

“No and no.  My grace is sufficient for you, for in your weakness I am made strong.  Trust me.”

I have had many conversations with God like this.  While I will not say that this is one of those actual conversations, I can safely tell you that over the course of the last five years, this would be the summation of those conversations.

With God

God will not feel sorry for us because he uses everything that happens to us to mold us, shape us, and form us into the human beings he created us to be . . . his sons and daughters reflecting his image and likeness.

God will not feel sorry for us, but he will lead us, guide us, work all things out for us and be strong in us as we simply trust and obey him.  Even in the midst of deep hurt and pain, he is always there for us.

He won’t feel sorry for you but he will love the mess out of you!

2 Comments On “Why Won’t God Feel Sorry For Me?”

  1. Emily

    People can say this stuff til they’re blue in the face but there’s no getting past the fact that many of us walk away from God and religion because of all the suffering. Where’s the meaning and purpose in that. There are limits to what one person can deal with and excuse God doing nothing to stop it. The icing on the cake for the destruction of my ‘faith’ was begging for help through the horrors from the church and christians and learning how shallow and selfish and judgemental so many are while telling themselves they are better than everyone else.

  2. Hello Emily, thank you for sharing. I am very sorry that you have gone through horrors and that your fellow Christians were not there for you as they should be. I know what that is like. I also know what it is like to feel that God is sitting back and doing nothing to stop my suffering. All I know is that through my own suffering the Lord has taught me to trust Him. I don’t understand it all, and I am not making excuses for God, I am only speaking from my own experience. Honestly, I still get angry at God because of the situations I am still facing however, I cannot give up on Him because I know Him to be good. I won’t give you pat, easy-peasy Christian answers because that doesn’t work. But I will say a prayer for you and offer a listening ear.

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