Worrying is Like Carrying Rocks

worrying-is-like-caryingAll of us worry.  Worry is when we spend a lot of time thinking about things that are beyond our control.  We worry about our kids, our jobs, our finances, our situations, our future, our health….anything that affects us or those that we love we tend to worry about.

I worry about a lot of things.  Unfortunately, it gets me nowhere just like it gets you nowhere.

Recently, during a time of prayer, Jesus gave me a mental image of me and Him standing by a flowing creek.  On my back was a very large, heavy bag.  He asked me to take the bag off and look inside. As I looked inside I saw huge flat rocks with names and situations on them. I remember the first rock I pulled out had my son’s name on it.

Other rocks had the names of my children, some decisions I am facing, and other circumstances marked on them.

The thing that the Lord impressed upon my heart during that prayer time was that I had no control over the outcome of any of these things.  I cannot control the decisions my children make or how they respond to situations they face.  I cannot control my health.  I can make wise choices and exercise, eat properly, etc. but ultimately I cannot control my overall health.

I cannot control the future.  Right now, I am facing some decisions that will be very life altering for me and my family.  This brings me great concern and has led to much worry about how things will turn out.  However, my worrying is not going to change anything.

This was a very eye-opening experience for me.  Now when I find myself worrying about something I simply say this prayer to the Lord, “Jesus, it’s just another rock.”  This helps me put things into perspective.

I understand what the Lord was showing me, and I agree with Him that I have been carrying this heavy weight of worry on my shoulders.  However, acknowledging the facts and changing our mind about them can be very different things indeed.

I understand that because I cannot control anything, I need to stop worrying.  However, that is easier said that done.

For each and every situation in my life, I have to remember that God is in charge of my life.  He has a plan for each and every thing that is happening to me.  While I would love to admit that I always trust God and his goodness, sadly, I do not.  More than I care to admit, I end up trusting in my own wisdom and strength.  I am working on this.

I also have to remember that as I said before I cannot control things.  I cannot control what people do, how life goes, or how circumstances happen.  I can only control myself, and some days that is a monumental effort in and of itself!  So, if I have a hard enough time controlling me, what makes me think that I can control situations, circumstances, and people’s responses?  It just isn’t going to happen.can-any-one-of-you-by-worrying-add-a-single-hour-to-your-lifee

Lastly, I must remember that worrying doesn’t add anything of value to my life. It actually makes us unhealthy and depletes our valuable time.  Worrying isn’t going to do one thing positive for me.

Just like carrying a bag of heavy rocks would be burdensome to me, and to my overall health, so is worrying.  Worrying creates a heaviness in our lives that we are not meant to carry.

I serve an amazing God who is a Father to me, loves me and has promised to care for me. In His eyes, my huge stones are tiny rocks.  I am learning to take those worries, give them to Jesus and have fun skipping those rocks across that flowing creek.

What about you?  Are you worried about things?  Are you carrying a heavy bag of rocks?  Why not give them to Jesus and go rock skipping with Him?

2 Comments On “Worrying is Like Carrying Rocks”

  1. Tiffaney

    Worrying causes wrinkles 🙂 Carrying all the rocks of worry around helps us build muscles. After a while we learn that we no longer need to build anymore, therefore we have no need to carry them. That’s when we have learned to have complete faith in God. As you’ve said, easier said than done. Sometimes we learn that we don’t have any need to carry only one particular rock sometimes.

  2. It is certainly a process of learning to let go and trust.

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