Why You Can't Set

Why You Can’t Set Your Value

The value of an item is determined by two people – the buyer and the seller.  The buyer actually has more weight in this equation because they are the ones that are handing over money for the item.  If the buyer feels that the item is worth the asking price, then they will pay for

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Let LOVE be

Will You Let Love Be Your Primary Response?

I read a book last year, recommended by a friend, entitled Love Does, by Bob Goff.  It made a huge impact on me because the author lives his life with love being his primary response.  Whenever someone is mean to him or treats him poorly he tries to imagine the best scenario as to why they

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You Were Born

You Were Born to be Loved!

Deep on the inside of every human being is the inherent need to be loved, to know that they have value and worth.  No one can escape it nor deny it.  Some people try to act all macho and tough as if they don’t need to be loved, or that they don’t need anybody, but

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5 gospels

You Are the Fifth Gospel!

I love quotes, especially ones that stop me in my tracks and make me think.  This is one of those quotes.  I read it recently and it made me really think.  It is a very powerful and true quote. Most Americans today are not as familiar with the Bible as they were in generations past.  In

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atonement of god

The Atonement of God: Building Your Theology on a Crucivision of God (book review)

Why did Jesus really die? Was it to defeat sin? Was it to appease atonement of godthe wrath of an angry God? Was it so that God wouldn’t have to punish us because He punished Jesus? Was it to ransom us from the devil? Is God a child abuser? All these questions are answered within various theories as to why Jesus died. In this book, Jeremy looks at the four most popular theories: penal substitutionary theory, the moral influence theory, the ransom theory, and the Christus Victor theory.

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Don’t Let Sin Be Your Master

For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace. (Romans 6:14) This is such a freeing verse. Many Christians today believe that they will never get above sin. They believe that they are still sinners who are just saved by grace. But this is not the truth.

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The Final Word

The Final Word Has Not Been Spoken!

We just celebrated the apex of Christian beliefs – the resurrection of Jesus (Easter Sunday).  On Good Friday, Jesus cried out from the cross, “It is finished.”  From his perspective, everything that he came to do was now finished.  He came to be sacrificed for the sins of the world and after unbelievable torture and

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My Writing Manifesto: Why I Write

For a blog challenge from Jeff Goins, I was asked to write a manifesto to answer the question, “why do I write.”  It’s a fair question and one that will help guide my writing. I see many people today with a false image of God (of the Bible).  They believe God to be angry, judgmental,

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Becoming a City Church

Becoming a City Church

There are lots of churches within a city but few City Churches.  God wants us to serve our cities.  In this message I outline five ways that a Church can be a City Church instead of just another church in a city. Click here to give it a listen.

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Spiritual Stretch marks (1)

Spiritual Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unsightly.  They occur on people who have either gained weight or on women during pregnancy because the body is gaining weight rapidly and the skin cannot keep up with the changes.  They happen because the skin gets stretched due to growth.  I don’t know anyone that likes them or even desires them.

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