Escape by Heather Rae Hutzel (Book Review)

Jesus came to set us free.  The Bible tells us that it was for freedom that Christ has set us free.   Jesus told us that He came that we might have an abundant life.  Freedom is a very important issue to God. Yet, it seems that so many Christians are not living in the

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Why Is Trusting God So Hard?

As a child of God, He asks us to simply trust Him to provide for us, guide us and help us through our daily lives.  Sometimes, though, this seems very difficult to do. My wife and I are planning a major move right now from Tennessee to Oklahoma.  On one hand, it makes no sense

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Worrying is Like Carrying Rocks

All of us worry.  Worry is when we spend a lot of time thinking about things that are beyond our control.  We worry about our kids, our jobs, our finances, our situations, our future, our health….anything that affects us or those that we love we tend to worry about. I worry about a lot of

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The Politically Divided American Church

I do not believe that I have ever seen an election that has the American Church as divided as this present election does.  I thought the last two elections with President Obama were very divisive but I do believe that this one really tops them all. There are many people who can’t believe that we

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Chase the Lion (Book Review)

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small”, so says Mark Batterson in his newest book, Chase the Lion.  All of us have dreams and aspirations.  Sometimes we are just afraid to chase the dream because of what it will cost.  Other times, because of life’s circumstances, we allow the dream to die.  Chase

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give me that old time religion

Please Don’t Give Me That Old Time Religion!

Often in Facebook dialogues, I see someone say something to the effect of, “Our church preaches the old time Gospel, and we sing the old time songs.  We all need to get back to the old time religion.” When I hear things like that I cringe. What they mean is that they want us to

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Bad Choices

Overcoming Bad Choices and Their Consequences

Choices are something that we make on a daily basis.  Of course, the objective is to make wise and good choices.  Unfortunately, at times, we make bad choices.  The thing about choices is that they all have consequences. Every choice you make will have a positive or negative effect on your life.  It is true

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Don't Sacrifice Your Present

Don’t Sacrifice Your Present on an Altar of Your Past

An altar is a place of sacrifice and worship.  In the Old Testament, people would bring offerings to sacrifice upon the altar for various reasons.  In modern times, many churches have an altar at the front of the church, not for sacrifices, but for prayer.  I remember the church I grew up in had an

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At Jesus' Table

Politics At Jesus’ Table

Jesus made room at his table for everyone, including those on opposite ends of thought.  At Jesus’ table, everyone has a place and everyone is equal.  I can imagine that the discussions that went on among his disciples were pretty lively at times, especially between two of them — Matthew, the tax collector and Simon,

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All Lives

All Lives Do Not Matter

We’ve all seen the Facebook posts and the pictures flooding social media:  Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.  All Lives Matter started after Black Lives Matter.  It was, in my opinion, a way of saying that black lives do matter but not more so than any other life. The question remains, though,

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